About Narrative Intervention

About Narrative Intervention

So, you’ve been asked to do some creative writing, specifically, a story intervention on a text studied in class. Cue: Student panic.
Now, breathe.

Firstly, I want to reassure students with this: Categorically, this is the duty that students surprise themselves with the most. Especially, anticipate it, boys. Yearly my students encourage me with their creativity and insight with their therapy of a novel and its characterisation. Yearly my boys moan about this job, roll their eyes and dread the weeks ahead. And every year, with out fail, my boys outperform their expectations and even enjoy the task.

What’s the trick?

Commentary and mimicry.

Just because the lyrebird has learnt to listen and mimic the sounds it hears within the surrounding bush, so too must you watch, practise and apply the methods utilized by the author to recreate their model and to create your own perspective of a spot or silence within the text.

Equally, just as an essay has various elements that work together as a whole, there are layers to the narrative intervention. There are four principle layers that work towards the development of a profitable narrative:

Know your character: values, attitudes, concepts, quotes, idiosyncrasies
Know your context: cultural assumptions, time, place and setting
Know your gap: What has occurred, what's going to occur and how are you going to elude to future events (foreshadow)
Know your aesthetics: What methods are used by the creator? How do they write? Is there a motif? How can you manipulate it?
You cannot have 3 layers in your narrative and disregard the other. To achieve the absolute best outcomes, you need to successfully build each layer so that in the end, your writing is nearly indistinguishable from that of the writer’s. It should be authentic and believable.


Implausible leaps in plot
Retelling what has happened
Over description of any variety
Inconsistency of character
Insufficient length (brief or too lengthy)

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امروزه پیشرفت تکنولوژی و استفاده از فناوری های نوین در عرصه های مختلف زندگی بشری این شرکت را بر آن داشت تا بتواند با بهرگیری از تکنولوژی برتر روز دنیا محصولی با کیفیت مطابق با فرهنگ و سلیقه ایرانی به مردم عزیز کشورمان عرضه نماید.شرکت آرین سیف وارد کننده قفل های دیجیتال سامسونگ، گیت من، های وان از کره جنوبی می باشد.

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